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Carrer Alimentos

Our History

Carrer Alimentos started its activities on May 11th, 1999 in the city of Farroupilha, Rio Grande do Sul.  By that time the company counted with about 50 collaborators, today this number has risen up to more than 600 people who work directly to the constant company’s development.  The workers act in a vertical production, since the breeding flock, hatching eggs production, incubation, day-old chicks, broiler creation, manufacturing, balanced ration manufacturing, slaughtering, cutting room and processed food. For more information watch our institutional video:

Human Resources

In the HR policy, the company contributes with incentives such as: incomes regarding the function, salary adjustment according to service time, hazard level, transportation and alimentation (own eatery), day care unit aid, doctors, dentists, psychologist, physiotherapists, chiropractor, safety engineers, health plan, payment-deduced loans, company’s products fairs with payroll deduction, breakfast, afternoon snack, thirteenth salary, PPR, education program and medicines.  The company also provides an entire week of work accidents prevention, training sessions, awareness campaigns, teams development and finance assistance to employees’ graduation process.


Provide our clients the guarantee of diversified products with quality, good assistance and competitive price.   Also value our collaborators turning them into partners, more satisfied and compromised.  Respect what people and nature can offer on the search of success and inspiration in the alimentation field.


Keep the entrepreneurial vision, even in the face of difficulties.  Generate opportunities of growing, investment, projects and credibility with excelled quality, surpassing new challenges, making our brand be recognized worldwide.


Honesty, humbleness, ethical commitment, safety, creativity and transparency.


Carrer owns a proper ration factory, where is concentrated the major cost of the company with the storage of grains. For the production of rations, Carrer acquires from farmers or cereal producers the corn, the soybean and other raw materials for the ration compound.  It’s a great supporter of the family farming and stimulates the grain production in the rural property, offering opportunity to maintain people on the land.  The fomentation is the department which offers support to the farmlands through veterinarians and technicians who visit the producers constantly to verify the lot procedure.  The Department organize the chick’s confinement schedule, ration to the integrated and slaughtering  production.  The company has partnerships with its integrated.

Processed meat

Check the Processed meat line products



Carrer Alimentos has started its activities in 1999, in the city of Farroupilha, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. At that time the company had about 50 collaborators. Today, the company has over 500 workers, it products its own hatching eggs and day-old chicks.

Carrer also as it own ration manufacturing. The chicks are housed in 14 cities close to Farroupilha and the company tracked 100% of them. The Hazard Analysis and critical control points, internationally known as HACCP, is implanted since 2008.

In 2007 The company started to export and actually it has been dealing with over 30 countries, located in Africa, Middle East and Asia. It has license and is qualified to export its goods to countries within the general list. The company also is under studies to be licensed to operate in markets such as Russia, China and Europe.

Export Department


Contact us

(54) 3056.7600


Estrada VRS 813, KM 12,9 - S/N
Nova Sardenha - Farroupilha
CEP: 95.180-000